Filming in Saudi Arabia

Finding a fixer
in Saudi Arabia

Filming in Saudi Arabia involves obtaining a film permit from the Saudi Film Council, which regulates the industry. Visa requirements vary, but a business visa is typically necessary for filming purposes. Hiring a fixer in Saudi Arabia is crucial for navigating local logistics and cultural nuances. The Saudi Arabian people are known for their hospitality, but it’s essential to respect local customs. The country experiences extreme temperatures, so filming during the cooler months is advisable. Daylight duration varies, with longer days in summer. There is an up to 40% tax rebate for filmmakers in Saudi Arabia.

Visa for Saudi Arabia

For American or European nationals filming in Saudi Arabia, obtaining a visa involves specific procedures. Generally, a visa for filming purposes is a Business Visa, which requires sponsorship by a Saudi company. The sponsoring company will apply for your visa through the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They will include an invitation letter, valid passport information, and a completed visa application form. The process may take several weeks, so planning is crucial to ensure a smooth entry into Saudi Arabia.

Film Permits Saudi Arabia

Obtaining film permits in Saudi Arabia is a structured process. The authority responsible for granting permits is the Saudi Film Council. The permits can be obtained through an online application system. To streamline the process and ensure a smoother experience, we highly recommend working with our fixer in Saudi Arabia. Our reputation and extensive network allow us to expedite the permit acquisition process, ensuring that your project complies with all necessary regulations and guidelines while minimizing delays and administrative hurdles.

Special equipment
renting info

Saudi Arabia offers a range of filming equipment for rent, including cameras, lighting, and sound gear. Rental companies here provide quality equipment suitable for various production needs. However, if you have specialized equipment or specific preferences, it is possible to import your gear. Working with our local film fixer can help navigate the customs and logistics of importing equipment, ensuring a seamless process that meets your project’s unique requirements while adhering to the necessary regulations.

Cultural facts

When working with locals in Saudi Arabia, remember that adhering to the regulations for obtaining film permits in Saudi Arabia is just one aspect of ensuring a smooth production. It is essential to respect local customs and traditions. For example, always seek permission before filming individuals, especially women, and avoid capturing private or sensitive moments. Additionally, refrain from public displays of affection and dress modestly to align with Saudi Arabia’s conservative culture. Engaging with locals in a respectful and culturally sensitive manner fosters harmonious shooting.

Weather when filming in Saudi Arabia

When filming in Saudi Arabia, it is essential to consider the weather conditions and daylight hours. Saudi Arabia experiences a desert climate, with scorching summers marked by temperatures well above 100°F (37°C). Winters are milder, offering more comfortable filming conditions. Daylight hours are quite consistent throughout the year, with longer days during the summer months. This extended daylight provides ample time for shooting, making early mornings and late afternoons ideal for capturing the best lighting conditions and avoiding the intense midday heat.

Tax rebate in Saudi Arabia

As per our fixer in Saudi Arabia, productions that recruit Saudi crew and talent, feature the kingdom’s culture, history, and people, and showcase the diverse selection of landscapes in Saudi Arabia are among the qualifiers for incentives of up to 40%. A dedicated online platform for applications is inviting applications for film productions planning to film either partially or fully in the kingdom. The incentive underlines Saudi’s ambitions for its growing film and TV production sector as the kingdom continues with its Vision 2030 plan.

Filming in Saudi Arabia

When considering filming in Saudi Arabia, it’s vital to navigate various aspects. While visa requirements are manageable for international crews, obtaining film permits through the Saudi Film Council is a key step, expedited with the assistance of our experienced fixer in Saudi Arabia.

The country offers a range of filming equipment for rent, with the possibility to import your gear. When working with locals, it is crucial to respect customs and traditions, seek permission for filming, and dress modestly. The weather varies from scorching summers to milder winters, and daylight hours are consistently ample. Under certain conditions, you can also benefit from tax rebates for filmmakers. To embark on a successful filming journey, choose Fixer Saudi Arabia.

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