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Saudi Arabia, with its diverse landscapes and rich heritage, offers a plethora of filming locations. From Riyadh’s modern architecture and Qassim’s date farms to Tabuk’s historic railways and Medina’s spiritual sites, each location tells a unique story. Our production coordinator in Saudi Arabia ensures seamless access to these locales, leveraging our extensive knowledge of the region.

We recommend these spots for their distinct appeal and visual richness. Plus, our journalist fixer is adept at arranging compelling interviews, adding depth and local flavor to your projects.

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Qassim, often overlooked in the shadow of Saudi Arabia’s larger cities, is a hidden gem for filmmakers. Known for its lush date farms and the unique Al-Qassim National Park, this region provides a picturesque backdrop unlike any other. It is also home to the Buraidah Date Festival, the largest of its kind in the world. Our production coordinator in Saudi Arabia can navigate you through these local wonders, ensuring a rich and authentic setting for your project, steeped in cultural and natural beauty.




Medina, a city revered in Islamic history, harbors hidden gems beyond its spiritual significance. Beyond the Prophet’s Mosque, there is the Hejaz Railway Museum, showcasing a forgotten era. Quaint date farms encircle the city, offering serene landscapes. The Al-Madinah Museum presents a rich tapestry of the city’s heritage. Our location scout in Medina excels at unveiling these less-trodden paths, such as the tranquil Al-Uhd Mountain or the ancient Quba Mosque, ensuring your filming captures the city’s diverse and captivating essence.



Finding a location scout in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s filming locations are as diverse as they are breathtaking. From the sprawling desert vistas of Riyadh, teeming with modernity and ancient allure, to the lush greenery of Qassim’s date farms, every location offers a unique narrative canvas. Tabuk’s rugged mountains and historic railways beckon those seeking a blend of natural beauty and historical depth. Medina’s spiritual resonance and hidden cultural treasures create a compelling backdrop, while Mecca’s mix of sacred sites and unexpected natural wonders like the Al Wahba Crater provide an unparalleled filming experience.

Understanding the distinct needs of each project, our production coordinator in Saudi Arabia can recommend additional tailored locations that perfectly align with your vision. Whether you seek the stark majesty of the desert or the bustling energy of urban life, we can guide you to the ideal setting. Get in touch with Fixer Saudi Arabia and let us transform your vision into a vivid reality.